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If you receive emails as bad French or English asking you for personal co-ordinates, banking or installments, do not answer it! It acts certainly of a fraud. Send to us a copy quickly so that we can limit these practices.

Privilege the handing-over in clean hands! Swindles most widespread is that of the rubber checks which use the easy way of the banking time. The person sends a cheque (generally value higher than that of than you propose) than you box without problem near your bank.

You send the difference by Western Union or simply let leave your car and 15 days after your bank your cheque rejects...

An example of swindles using the easy way of the banking time:

You decide to sell your car. Your advertisement is placed on Anuncioo and a few days later, a purchaser contacts you and accepts the amount proposed: 5.000 euros.

The purchaser specifies that it buys the car for export and that, so it will send a cheque of 10.000 euros; when you are in possession of the money you will have to transfer the sum of 5.000 euros to the conveyor who, will drive the vehicle to him towards Africa.

A few days after you receive, as promised, the cheque of 10.000 euros. Emitted by a large French bank, you deposit it in your bank, and a few days later, you are credited with the amount on its account. To pay the conveyor you pay the money (5.000 euros) at a bank in Africa.

By consulting your account, you will have the unpleasant one surprised to note that the 10.000 euros paid beforehand are withdrawn from the account by your banker. You contact your agency and learn that the cheque was rejected. You were victim of one swindles by e-mail, You lost money?

Carry complaint! Even if the chances to recover the sum that you were stolen are mean, you will contribute to the fight against data-processing criminality.

You must obligatorily carry felt sorry for in the area where your computer is located.

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